Frequently Asked Questions

  • Myanmar domestic airlines have a reputation of canceling flights without notice, and for suffering regular flight delays. Can you give us an assurance that this will not happen, or that we will be notified properly?
  • Are there any medical precautions I should take?
  • Do I need a visa and how do I get it?
  • Will I receive a refund in case of cancellation?

Unfortunately travelers everyday continue to be inconvenienced by such last-minute changes in schedules. We at are in constant communication with all the domestic airlines we book tickets with, and have repeatedly requested communication in case of schedule changes is improved.

For now, as your booking agent, all we can do is apologize on behalf of the domestic airlines. We can ensure you we will inform you as soon as possible of any flight time changes or cancellations, and we definitely hope such inconveniences will be part of Myanmar’s past soon!

Can I arrange my International air ticket with you?

We can help you book your international air ticket, but we do not recommend it. International air tickets are most easily purchased in the country of departure or online, and unfortunately no agents in Myanmar can guarantee to offer you the best price. We suggest you consult with your local travel agent to get the best and cheapest airfare.

What are the flights that reach Myanmar?


At this time there are various, regularly scheduled flights to Myanmar from mainly ASEAN ports, such as Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam & Malaysia. Airlines include Malaysia Airlines (MH) from Kula Lumpur, Singapore Airlines (SQ) from Singapore, Thai Airways International (TG), Bangkok Airways (PG), AirAsia from Bangkok, Thailand (daily). Vietnam Airlines and NOK Airlines offer near-daily flights between Hanoi and Yangon. Mandarin (AE) and China Airlines (CI) from Taipei, China Airlines (CA) from Kunming, Air Bagan (W9) from Chiang Mai, China Southern (CZ) from Guangzhou and India Airlines (IC) from Calcutta, India (not daily).

From Yangon, Myanmar Airways International (8M) also operates flights to and from Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia, Singapore, and Bangkok, Thailand and is in the process of extending the route to and from Gaya, India.

Do infants and children enjoy a special, discounted price on flights?

Yes, domestic airlines have a special, discounted air fare for children. We will include this in your quotation.



If you are on prescription medication, it is advised to bring a supply for the duration of your stay. PHT has areliable AEA and SOS International standard medical service provider. There are several foreign trained local medical doctors and 24 hour Clinics around big cities like Yangon and Mandalay, however both treatment options and available drugs can be rather limited in more remote areas.

Is it safe to travel in Myanmar?

Myanmar is still a very safe country to travel in and crime rates are very low. However, there has been a slight increase in pickpocketing in certain areas of Yangon, and some incidences of harassment of (foreign) women. Generally, foreigners are still considered a curiosity and most Myanmar are very humble, polite and more than willing to help out a traveler!

Everyone who travels to Myanmar needs to obtain a Visa Letter before entering Myanmar. Visas can be requested before entering Myanmar at any Myanmar Embassy, as well as online.
For more information, and for requesting an online Tourism or Business eVisa, kindly visit-
If you need help in requesting a visa for entering Myanmar, please don't hesitate to contact us!


For air tickets we require your full payment to make the flight booking. Any partial refund of a cancelled flight is dependent on the airline’s individual policies. We will include these conditions in your quotation. NOTE: The above calculation does not cover any refund of international airfare.

Can I use credit cards in Myanmar?

Most of the higher class hotels and establishments accept credit cards, although not all accept both VISA and MasterCard. The large majority of establishments in Myanmar however do not accept credit cards. ATMs have become more common in most Myanmar cities, although availability of cash and actual functioning cannot be guaranteed. It is highly advised to travel prepared and obtain cash when and where possible.

Can I easily change foreign currency in Myanmar?

Dollars are most easily accepted, with euro and some Asian currencies following close, however bills must be issued recently and in extremely crisp condition. In the bigger cities and touristy destinations there are usually multiple currency exchange options, as well as at most hotel